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Top Lo-Fi Experimental Film Montage, A.K.A. Like, you know, VJ stuff...

While I find video "montage" an act similar to that of DJing for a party (in this case VJing), it holds a special place in my heart. I'm sorry to say, VJing is a lesser form of art than true creation. The difference is akin to spinning "some fuck's music" versus "mixing your own comps." Despite the subjective stigma I imply, I find a place for Lofi-VJ in my heart. Just look at the Paper ForeverScape's patch-based sound-reactive VJ progam for live performances. Yikes.... Wow, that was a decade ago!

The following list is comprised of low-res "club" versions of stuff in the style of the late 90's early 10's that I found randomly. It goes to the beat, and IT IS IN YOUR FACE. I hope you're not epileptic. If you are, maybe avoid the last one.

#1 Rando Retro VJ Set: "The Haggish Moue"

#2 Rando Retro VJ Set: "Abstract 1"

#3 Rando Retro VJ Set: "Mutation Boogie Compilation"

I just found rando stuff with the keywords in this post... Ping me if you think something belongs and it's not here. I read every message!

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