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From the creator of the hand-drawn ForeverScape, an illustration spanning over 1,000 pages. It's so large, the artist had to build a specialized paper-rolling machine just to view it all in one location.


Train to Stalemate was created in three months of grueling passion-filled unpaid “spare” time. Many people have suffered. Despite what these artists may say, the suffering is not tied to their massive talent, skills and ingenuity: their suffering comes purely from the thought of not having enough time to express the fleeting ideas, pixels and waveforms streaming through their mind.

We owe them our thanks.


He threw down a dark piece of ambient, Track 3: System Error.

DuckmanSD is a prolific electronic musician and operator of the SHAFT Records label. 

So I say, “Yeah, but can you do ambient?”

“I got ambient hardware, bro. You ever hear of a Behringer Neutron?”

Then the mf send me shit like this, three days later:


Operating what is apparently a city-block sized wall of bells powered by an illegal tap into the electrical conduit beneath the NY Subway rails, Jacob Becker ( produced a hypnotic, trance-inducing roar. 

jacob_becker_ny copy.jpg

“What do I rap about? You know, mostly computer science. Optimizing 3-D rigid-body physics engines and shit. But, other times, I be rappin' about hauling and/or eating garbage.

DrSyStray got his act together enough to compose and mix the soundtrack. It's this washed-up  musician's first release since 2012 when he starred in the music video Decompiled (2013).

Directorial &
Production Support

A Portland-based cinematographer and editor, Raoul directed cinematography and filmed a portion of the live-action sets, including the "burning wall" scene. He knows something the rest of us don't know about the eye of the lens, so definitely watch Raoul’s music videos


I played Raoul an early version saved as train_z_z_z_g.aep (version 85). Sure, the technical feedback was principled. He provided valuable timing and movement criticism. The pacing insights, reference materials and philosophical insight was spot-on. But, who am I kidding? That's not what motivated me to get to the final Version 124 (train_z_z_z_z_s-dist.aep). What lit the fire under my ass was when he started skipping around and saying, "If I walked into a room and saw that, I’d just shrug," Thanks for the motivation to crawl across the finish line.

On the forefront of tactical art installation: resource provisioning, scheduling, film site and location management. Coordinating artists and facilitating the community by supporting local artists.


If you say the word, "render" one more time...


Because I'm too cheap to pay for a shrink. Listen to his tracks! I never know if he's gonna go country or 4-on-the-floor music for yo-yo

Album Artwork Consultation


Because who the fuck doesn't thank their mother?

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