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Listen to the First Syndicated Downtempo Radio Show

Pre Vaporwave and that. This is grandpa's downtempo.

I was maybe about 12 years old. I found myself with the radio on at 2AM. A deep, low soothing voice came on. Over the span of several years, I waited all day that mid-night spacey journey of a show. I had grown accustomed to the low-pitched voice of the host. Apparently forest won BILLBOARD magazine’s adult syndicated program of the year. Who'd have figured? I'm glad I somehow scanned the dial and found this show that was bookended by terrible smooth-jazz on either end.

You can play the program's full back-catalog from their website. They just recorded their 40th anniversary broadcast. Wow, way to age me. Listen to "United State of Ambient" among others.

Listening to the first stream on the website gives some good historical context for JUST HOW LONG AGO a downtempo program with ambient-flavored overtones managed to get on the air.

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